Our continual focus is on effective communication, quality and results.

Contingency Search

Lawrence Ross & Associates conducts contingency searches in a multitude of life science disciplines and industries. This search method is most effective when filling multiple job openings within a specific discipline or field. Based upon specific job requirements, we conduct an in-depth search and only receive payment when we fill the open position.

You are provided with a single point-of-contact to facilitate the recruiting process and use your time efficiently. Candidates' qualifications are carefully scrutinized to ensure that they meet the requirements of your open positions. You are kept apprised of the recruiting process on an ongoing basis. Our continual focus is on effective communication, quality and results.

Retained Search

Some positions, by their very nature, have a limited candidate base. Retained searches are very effective in filling these positions. Lawrence Ross & Associates has the extensive experience and high level of expertise required for conducting retained searches. We realize that filling executive level positions with highly qualified professionals is a crucial factor in your business' success.

Understanding your business, culture, organization, reporting relationships and business challenges is key to a successful retained search. Open positions are discussed at length, reviewing the duties and responsibilities, as well as expectations of the selected candidates. Issues pertinent to the success of potential candidates are also discussed. The compensation and benefits package are covered in detail. Regularly scheduled meetings are held to review candidates, receive feedback, and discuss progress in filling the position.

The fee for a retained search is equal to one-third of the budgeted first year base salary for the position. One-third of this fee is paid when you engage our firm to perform a retained search. Another third of the fee is due after thirty days and the final third is payable after placement of the employee in your company.

Contained Search

The contained search is a hybrid of the contingency and retained search methods. The contained search enables both the client and Lawrence Ross & Associates to invest equally in the search process. The client company invests one-half of the search fee when the contained search begins and the balance is due upon placement of the candidate with the client company. We commit resources to the search and establish a candidate pipeline in order to place the 'best fit' candidate with the client company.

The contained search is successfully used to fill niche and mid-level “hard-to-fill” positions that do not justify the expense of a retained search, but are critical to the success of the business. We will assist your company in reaching the next level of competitive growth, excellence, and industry goals by selecting and presenting highly-qualified candidates who will become an integral part of your organization.

Contract Recruiting

Contract recruiting is available on a short-term or long-term basis. This option allows you to establish a "virtual recruiting" component to your overall staffing plan. On-site meetings are held to establish staffing criteria and develop a process to facilitate the exchange of information. All information is tracked and presented in a format that meets your needs.