Our primary objective is to recruit talented professionals
who will add maximum value to your organization.

Lawrence Ross & Associates is committed to conducting highly successful searches and minimizing the workload for hiring managers. 
We strive to present candidates who fully meet the requirements of the job description and needs of the hiring manager. Effective communication with the client is a key factor in successful searches. Below are several critical components in the search process:

Determine Search Criteria

The Search Process begins with an in depth discussion of the open position involving the Search Consultant and the Hiring Manager. 
The job description is reviewed in detail and required skills and experience are discussed. The Search Consultant collaborates with the hiring manager on a strategy for sourcing highly qualified candidates for the position.

Candidate Sourcing/Research

Candidate sourcing begins utilizing a proprietary database established over nearly two decades of networking with industry experts. Additionally, potential candidates are researched using the most advanced Internet search methods currently available. We are certified in AIRS Internet recruiting strategies (CIR) and AIRS diversity recruiting strategies (CDR). Potential candidates are also sourced utilizing the latest social media tools and accessing numerous resume databases. 

Resume Screening and Evaluation

Resumes are meticulously screened to ensure candidates meet the qualifications discussed in the initial meeting between the Search Consultant and the Hiring Manager. Candidates who do not meet all of the criteria may be discussed with the Hiring Manager if there is reason to believe they are high potential and may be a fit for the position.

Phone Screening

The potential candidate is phone screened by the Staffing Consultant to ensure the experience stated in the resume is congruent with the requirements of the position. Questions from the hiring manager are also addressed during the phone screening. If relocation is required, the candidate’s ability and desire to relocate is also established. 

Interview Process

The Search Consultant facilitates client interviews with viable candidates selected by the Hiring Manager. Feedback is gathered from the Hiring Manager, as well as the candidate after the interviews are conducted. The results of the interviews are effectively communicated to the Hiring Manager and the candidate. Careful effort is taken to communicate effectively with everyone involved in the process.  

Ongoing Communication

Throughout the process, there is an ongoing effort to communicate effectively. We pride ourselves in communicating effectively and supplying the customer with as much information as possible in order to make a hiring decision. We will communicate as much information as possible throughout all stages of the hiring process.